Flexographic Printing Machine

Flexographic Printing Machine

Roto Technik’s Flexographic Printing Machine complete with all standard components and standard accessories with gearbox and motor as per our standard make and supply. Capable of printing on Laminated ~ Non Laminated HDPE / HDPP Woven Sacks Bags, PP Woven Sacks, Card Board Sheet, Wooden Planks, Kraft Paper, Jute Bags, Multi-wall Paper Sacks Bags, Corrugated Box and Canvas Bags using instant drying ink.

If the Buyer wants to change print area they will have to inform us the size & that are charged extra. Our Machine can print fabrics and bags or it’s pieces.

Size:  28 / 32 / 40 / 42 / 45 / 50 or as per user specification.

Standard Printing Machine floor area and required power (Size 28″ Width) :

Colours Length* Width* Height* Weight* Power
One 110″ 56″ 60″ 750 kgs. 1 HP
Two 140″ 56″ 60″ 1400 kgs. 2 HP
Three 180″ 56″ 60″ 2000 kgs. 3 HP
Four 220″ 56″ 60″ 2600 kgs. 3 HP
Five 260″ 56″ 60″ 3200 kgs. 5 HP
Six 300″ 56″ 60″ 3800 kgs. 5 HP

Note : * – mentions approx.

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  • Machine is robust with cast iron machined heavy sidewalls. Feeding table topped with Formica sheet and provided with adjustable edge guide.
  • Draw rollers actuated by adjustable cam for synchronizing with rubber stereo to print at exact position of bag thereby elimination judgment of operator. All rollers are made from heavy walled seamless steel pipes duly machined delivery end rollers adjustable for tensioning arrangement.
  • Registration between colours to the extent of plus-minus of 2mm is possible.
  • Optimum output of 3000* (Approx Depend on your operator) bags per hour / 1440 R.P.M./ 440v/ 50 Cy/ 3 Phase with suitable warm reduction gearbox coupled with a three stepped pulley to obtain speed of either 1300/ 1800/ 2500 bags per hour.
  • Machine is duly assembled and spray-painted with Synthetic Enamel. We can provide inverter base machine also against costumer’s request. If customer requires more than 3000 bag per hour production we will also provide it.


Optional Features at extra cost:

  • Control Panel

The Control panel is needed to start the machine when the machine is attached with (any of the one or more optional system as per your need) corona Treater, Ink Circulating Pump, Drying Arrangement. You do not needed control panel if you buy only printing machine without any arrangement.

  • Digital Counting Meter

With digital counting meter you can count bags, and machine’s speed & production capacity.

  • D.C. Drive Mechanism

The D.C. Drive Mechanism are use to load dividing purpose. It can help to work the machine to run in slow motion and maximum speed in fast motion.

  • Anilox Roll

The Anilox roll is usually chrome or ceramic plated and is cover with tiny engraved cells. The roll of the Anilox is to supply a fine film of ink to the printing plates. It is associated with the printing cylinder and is design to transfer the printing ink to the surface of the printing plate. It can save the Printing Ink and give the clean printing image on any material.

  • Ink Circulating Pump

This system is use to circulate the Ink in Ink tray. Moreover, this has stop to dry the ink when the ink in tray.

  • Drying Arrangement

The drying arrangement is use to dry the printed bag, and this will dry the bad instantly because this system has built in heater.

  • Corona Treater

All HDPE / PP Bags material laminated / non-laminated needed Corona Treater. Water Based and UV inks printed on plastics Sheets / Films and other substrates create a need for the substrate to be treated prior to printing.

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